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Face the Music by Aimsel Ponti

Have you ever had a band or a song come into your life just at the exact right moment? That’s the magic of music, sometimes it finds its way into your life, and it’s like meeting someone new at a party and instantly becoming best friends. Discovering new music that truly resonates with you is like taking a gigantic breath of fresh air, especially when the list of things in the world to be upset and angry about continues to grow.

With that in mind, say hello to the North Haven band Bait Bag, the trio of singer/bassist Courtney Naliboff, 37, guitarist/backing vocalist Fiona Robins, 25, and drummer Claire Donnelly, 33. Bait Bag formed in the spring of 2018 because the three women needed catharsis “after being weighed down by constant bad news.” They decided to join forces and make loud music together, and a huge source of their inspiration is the “riot grrrl” feminist punk movement that began in the early ’90s. Bait Bag lists some of their influences as the bands Sleater Kinney, Le Tigre and Blondie, as well as “anything loud, fun and inclusive.” They say that their songs are intended to empower and excite, or at least give other frustrated people something to flail around to.

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